International Workshop on Sport, Technology And Research

The 2022 IEEE International Workshop on Sport, Technology And Research (IEEE-STAR2022) will take place in Cavalese (Italy) from July 6th, 2022 to July 8th, 2022. Andrea Aliverti, DEIB Full Professor, will serve as co-chair for the third track of the event, titled “Active Life styles”.


Sport is one of the most dynamic and promising sectors in terms of investment in research and innovation. Grounded on this evidence, the core purpose of the IEEE-STAR2022 workshop is to foster research in technological innovation and excellence in sports equipment, technical materials, training technologies and performance monitoring, fan engagement and healthy lifestyles. By doing this the IEEE-STAR workshop aims to enhance the practice of sport and increase physical activity levels across the population, and highlight the the role of sport as a vehicle for social and economic development.

Specifically, the event aims to:

  • promote and strengthen relationships, partnerships, alliances and networks between academia and industry in the field of sport innovation;
  • disseminate recent research and technology advancements, discoveries and novel applications to sport;
  • exchange ideas and strengthen cooperation between researchers;
  • increase the public’s understanding and awareness of how the practice of sports can positively affect and individual’s quality of life;
  • facilitate the development of new entrepreneurial initiatives in the sportech sector.

The event features a comprehensive technical program including panels, technical sessions, and innovative industrial demonstrations.

Vertical panels will bring together leading representatives from academia and industry to facilitate discussion around key topics and trends. Panel sessions will focus on challenging and emerging issues in all the areas of sports research and innovation.

Innovative industrial demonstrations will highlight exciting developments across the field of sport innovation. A central role will be assigned to sport tech start-ups, which will be offered a chance to introduce and demonstrate their products and services.

The technical sessions focus on challenging and emerging issues in all the areas of sports research and innovation, covering the full span from basic theories to practical applications.


For further information, please, visit the official website of the event


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Date(s) - 06/07/2022 -08/07/2022
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Prof. Andrea Aliverti

Cavalese (Trento), Italy