Wearable Technology for Health: Epistemic Issues and Socio-Ethical Consequences

Stefano Canali

On October 20th, 2021 at 6.00 pm Stefano Canali, Deib Research assistant, will hold a seminar on “Wearable Technology for Health: Epistemic Issues and Socio-Ethical Consequences” in Deib Alario Room (building 21).


Wearable devices are increasingly used for biomedical research and clinical care and several reviews have discussed both promises and risks in this context. Yet the epistemic (knowledge-related) dimensions of wearable devices remain under-discussed: this is problematic, because understanding the contribution of wearables to the creation and application of biomedical knowledge is crucial to harness benefits and answer ethical and social questions. In this talk, Canali will present results of an ongoing epistemological analysis of wearable devices for health. First, he will identify and discuss the specific functions that wearables can serve for biomedical knowledge: monitoring for screening, detection, and prediction. Second, he will analyse issues that are involved in these functions and have an ethical and social impact: data quality, interoperability, basis for detection and prediction, and health personalisation and precision. He will conclude by presenting this analysis as a way of integrating bioengineering, medical, and philosophical work.


The event will take place in presence and live streaming on Webex starting from 6.00 pm.

Meeting number: 2731 273 3705 / Meeting password: VKxqMfRy333

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Data / Ora
Date(s) - 20/10/2021
18:00 -19:00

Viola Schiaffonati; Andrea Aliverti

DEIB - Alario Room (second floor, building 21), Via Golgi, 39 - Milano